Security Overview
Our system is designed so that sensitive information is always transmitted securely.
We do not see your credit/debit card details - they are submitted directly to your bank using SSL encryption technology.

Is it safe to enter my card details?
We uses sophisticated fraud prevention systems and security precautions. No customer has ever reported fraudulent use of their credit or debit cards as a result of shopping on our site. The security of our site is vitally important to us.

How do we ensure this security?
We take a number of steps to guarantee security and prevent fraud:

  1. Using a 'secure SSL server' with the strongest available encryption to hide your personal information, including your credit/debit card details.
  2. After we receive your order, we send you an e-mail as confirmation.
    This e-mail does not contain any payment details.
  3. Your order is then encrypted before being transmitted for processing.
    Again, this is a safe way to do this and used by many other sites around the globe.
  4. Most card issuers limit your liability for unauthorised use of a card to either nothing, or to a maximum of £50. You should be able to easily check the position with your card issuer.